Any time you order a new hosting account, your monthly payment is processed, the account is set up and as automatic as the entire process may be, there're always smaller things which are conducted manually. For every virtual or a dedicated server there are even more tasks to be done because these types of web hosting often require a manual assembly, software installation and configuration, testing the server setting so as to make sure that all things are working fine, and so on. To cover the cost for the time and efforts all of these duties take, many companies require a one-time set-up fee to be paid by their clients in addition to the cost for the cloud hosting. The fee typically is valid for every new website hosting account being obtained and it's very rarely mentioned on the company’s site, however it shows up on the checkout page.

Setup Fee in Cloud Hosting

Our company does not charge anything in addition to the price of the Linux cloud hosting that you pick, thus you won't need to pay any sort of installation fees or any kind of costs different from what you have already found on our front page. We think that being honest with our clients is of basic importance for building a long-lasting business partnership, that's why we'll never require that you pay obscured charges of any type, particularly for something that is close to completely automatic and usually takes several minutes to be done by our platform. You will not pay installation fees even if you order numerous accounts and they will all be entirely active instantly, so that you are able to start working on your sites. The overall amount that you need to pay for each of our plans is the very same that you see on the home page.